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Cape Mahogany, LLC is an alternative skin care line. 

We take pride in offering quality skin care without the adding of potentially harmful ingredients.

Cape Mahogany is also LEAPING BUNNY approved (against ALL animal testing and cruelty)!  



More Cape Mahogany:

Cape Mahogany's name was inspired by the beautiful evergreen tree that grows in various countries of Southern Africa such as Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  Also called Trichilia Emetica and better known as the Mafura (meaning oil) or Natal Mahogany, the tree typically grows medium to large in size and is crowned by beautiful dense green leaves.  

The Mafura fruit that grows from this tree creates bright red fleshy seeds that produce a rich oil.  The oil is known to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and can offer many benefits to the skin.  It is a quick absorbing oil so it's not greasy and is very moisturizing! You can use this oil on skin, hair & scalp.

Our Goal: 
Our business goal is to have our brand represent nature's best quality ingredients to make great products that a wide variety of people can use on their skin.  Making small batches at a time to provide the freshest products to you when desired. We also wanted to showcase the beautiful look of the Cape Mahogany tree.  Our logo was created with various vibrant colors in a mosaic design that signifies unity & inclusion of nature and the world.